Seize Each Season!

Photo Credit: NatureServe, Matt Jones
Photo Credit: NatureServe, Matt Jones

Do you feel the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, yet?  For a month or so, Christmas décor has been on sale in our local stores.  AND although I absolutely LOVE Christmas, I really do love each of the holidays leading up to it.  In an effort to celebrate each season in it’s own right, here is my “Christmas Wish List” for the fall season!


1.  Enjoy Hot Apple Cider outside in the cool air

2.  Take the time to STOP and LOOK at the colorful leaves my 20-month-old daughter collects on our daily walks

3.  Add items I am thankful for to our “Thanksgiving Box” to be read at our Thanksgiving Feast

4.  Bake…something

5.  “Make Room for Santa” by gifting away gently used toys/clothes/etc.


What are some of the ways you “seize each season”?


Are you holding on to Thanksgiving or have you already started playing your favorite Christmas carols?


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