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Email Etiquette 101

CN Feb Blog Pic2Email is a primary method of communication in today’s business. Sometimes we send an email and forget to proofread, spell check, or even look at who we are sending it to. Often times replying so quickly to emails, we lose focus and don’t realize until it’s too late that perhaps we shouldn’t have sent it at all.


Have you ever sent an email to someone you didn’t mean to send it to? Did it get you in trouble or were you embarrassed by it?  I’m sure it has happened at least once to everyone and if not, you are lucky! Let’s go over some suggestions to make sure that when emails are sent, proper etiquette is in mind. We just want to make sure that the recipient of the email interprets your email properly. It’s all about perception.


These are a few simple suggestions/basic rules to be mindful of:

  • Address people properly.  If you don’t know who they are, use their full name rather than a shortened variation (i.e. Robert vs Rob).
  • Be Professional – We all love emoticons. Let’s save those for our social media and text messages.  We want to stay away from abbreviations and colorful backgrounds as well.
  • Re-read your email before sending (think before you send)
  • Wait to fill in the “To” so you can avoid accidently sending an email prematurely
  • Watch your tone – avoid using ALL CAPS. The recipient will interpret that as being yelled at
  • Include a Subject Line that is clear (i.e. For Agents, always include the property address in the subject line) – Choose something that will let the recipient know what you are addressing


Remember every email you send is a reflection of you. Consider this a little cheat sheet for your email best practice needs.


Written by one of Iseley & Walsh’s guest Transaction Coordinators.