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What’s Your Secret Weapon?

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Source: http://transactionsbybrent.wordpress.com/2012/08/14/services-offered2/

Written by a guest Transaction Coordinator


In an earlier post, we talked about the amount of paperwork involved in a Real Estate transaction. Can you imagine being a top producing Agent and having to handle all of the administrative tasks and paperwork flying solo? Think about how valuable your time could be spent with family and growing your business if someone else was crossing your “Ts” and dotting your “Is” to ensure your file was compliant with the DRE and the requirements set by your brokerage.  Well, who should you hire?


The person who can assist with processing the Real Estate file to gather and follow up on all the necessary and contractual items would be your definition of a Transaction Coordinator (TC).  Part of their job duty is to ensure that all mandatory disclosures are completed by checking all signatures, initials, and dates.  Important dates and timelines would also be sent as a reminder to all parties involved. The TC will also QC and provide a preliminary audit of the file for the managing broker to review. If all looks perfect, the Agent is worry free because he/she will be paid on time when the escrow closes.
This person can be licensed or unlicensed and will be your secret weapon so that you, as an Agent, can provide a higher level of service to your clients and do what you are meant to do – sell real estate.  A Transaction Coordinator will help you stay organized!