Lower Payment vs. Lower Term

With interest rates still near all‐time low levels, an argument can certainly be made to consider a shorter mortgage term, such as a 15‐year loan versus a 30-year loan. But there are some important factors to consider. The greatest benefit of choosing a shorter term is to know that the mortgage will be paid off in less time, saving

Tips On Choosing an Agent to Sell

Thinking back on when you first sold or bought your home, how did you decide on who you would trust to take you through this experience? Was it from a family/friend referral, the internet, open house, or a complete stranger you met randomly somewhere? Hopefully, the decision made was the right one and if you

Artificial Grass – Making OC Homes Permanently Green

Turf has become more and more popular over recent years in Southern California. There is a wide array of reasons for the newly found popularity. Clearly droughts have played havoc on homeowner’s lawns and the ever-rising water costs don’t help. As the droughts continue, yards get browner and wallets emptier. Artificial grass has become an

6 Things You Can Do With Your Tax Refund

How you handle “windfalls” of money can largely determine your financial success. Here are a few ways you can apply your tax refund:   1.   Build an Emergency Fund – One of the best ways to reduce stress in your life is to increase your margin. That includes giving you some cushion for the occurrence of

Kid-Friendly Backyard Remodel

One of the greatest challenges for growing families is to use the space inside and outside their home in the best way possible.  Basically, how do you “grow out of your home” without looking like you are bursting at the seams?   When we moved into our quaint Aliso Viejo neighborhood, we instantly fell in

Email Etiquette 101

Email is a primary method of communication in today’s business. Sometimes we send an email and forget to proofread, spell check, or even look at who we are sending it to. Often times replying so quickly to emails, we lose focus and don’t realize until it’s too late that perhaps we shouldn’t have sent it

Don’t Let SENIORITIS Sneak up in Your Home!

Don’t let SENIORITIS sneak up on you!   With spring popping up just around the corner, it is likely that more than high school seniors will get senioritis.  That’s right, I believe senioritis affects students of all ages.  All kids know summer is right around the corner, and with Open House and warmer weather on

Starting The Year Off With A Bang

What’s your New Year’s Resolution? Are you off on the right foot for 2015? Have you written down your goals? What will you do differently this year compared to last?  What motivates you every day? These are just a few questions you may ask someone else and questions you should be asking yourself to set

Location, Location, Location!

I work with a lot of first time home buyers. They are probably some of my best clients. For the most part, they are willing to learn the tricks of the trade. They ask all the right questions and cover their boundaries. In a lot of ways, they are trusting and accept advice easily. However,

How To Stop Pay Increases From Hurting Your Finances

Have you ever said to yourself “If I could just make more money, then my financial problems would go away”? Or, “I’d sure be happier if my annual income increased”.   If so, you’re not alone. In fact, these are thoughts people often continue repeating throughout their lifetime.   However, most of these people are