“A Penny for your Thoughts” 1 cent and 1 dollar deals for Back to School Shopping

Photo Credit: Matt Douchette
Photo Credit: Matt Douchette

Back to school shopping can be expensive!  Each school year my fellow teachers and I would try to minimize the items on our students’ supply lists as much as possible.  The reality is that there are a lot of materials that are needed at the beginning of the school year.  In an effort to minimize costs, check out these deals… some as low as one-cent!


Staples often has one-cent deals at the beginning of the school year.  The one-cent deals are usually items placed in large bins at the front of the store.  Call ahead and see what items are on sale!


Everyone knows the dollar bins offer great buys at Target.  Sometimes you can even find items bundled; therefore the cost per item is less than one dollar!  Recently, there were some school materials in the dollar bins.  Again, give a store near you a call to make sure the materials you are looking for are on sale.


Office Max is another great store to visit when stocking up on school supplies.  Currently crayons, markers, and colored pencils are all on sale for a dollar!


Make sure to search for coupons before heading out on your shopping trip.  Spending a few minutes searching and printing a coupon could help save you money and make sure you get those supplies for as low as one-cent!


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